Products, Equipment and Technology that will make your home "SPARKLING CLEAN!"
Grime, dirt, and filth will DISAPEAR from cracks and former "hard to reach" places!
Your home will SPARKLE because we use the best products and get dirt others can't!
To insure that we keep our promise of a "Sparkling Clean" house all our cleaners come equipped with:
  • state of the art vacuums complete with top quality HEPA Filters which clean 99% of all allergens from the air
  • the sonic scrubber for "hard to reach" places
  • swiffer dusters
  • extension dusters
  • "green" professional strength cleaning products (higher concentration than store bought products for faster, cleaner results)
  • heavy duty products for stubborn dirt and stains
  • endless supply of clean micro fibre cloths for a "Sparkling Clean" finish
  • "The Skrapr" for tough kitchen cleaning, safe on glass surfaces and chemical free!
I couldn't believe it when I walked in the door! It was awesome and it smelled nice too! The best part...I didn't have to do it myself!"

- Steve, Langley BC
We LOVE to Clean
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Sonic Scrubber:
We require a minimum of 48 hours cancellation for all cleaning services or a $48 dollar service charge will apply if insufficient time is given. No exceptions. Services booked less than 48 hours before their cleaning time will have a cancellation fee of half the estimated amount applied. All move in/out cleans and large jobs require a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 the estimated total.
The Ultimate Surface Scraper!
Removes tough grime on surfaces EFFICIENTLY and without harsh chemicals!

Will NOT scratch Glass Top Stoves

Safe on ALL surfaces