A story from our customer Mariana:

I just recently finished building a 5000 square foot home and was getting ready to move in. I decided to call a cleaning company to come and help me prepare the home. I phoned a company (not yours), made an appointment for the day before move in day, and waited in excitement.

By the time the cleaning company showed up, four hours late, I was getting nervous. It was already mid afternoon and there was still a lot of work to do before the house would be ready. The crew finally showed up and reluctantly got to work, two out of three of them even told me that this was their last day and that they hated their jobs. My stomach started to turn. This was not looking good. An hour later they were still working in the same room that they had started in and it didn't look much better. Long story short, they ended up being told by their boss to leave the job because they had underestimated the amount of work that needed to be done. So there I was, alone, in my new home that was nowhere near ready to move in. In panic and desperation I began phoning other local cleaners to come and finish the job. Things weren't looking good until I fell upon "Sparkling Clean". The owner, Veronica, was like an angel amidst my dreadful situation. She assured me that her crew would be able to handle the job and that I would be ready to move in the next day. They came all the way to North Vancouver on a Friday night and got right to work. They did an excellent job, making sure to get all the little spots that some would forget about. They were so professional and they genuinely cared about doing a good job. Five hours later the job was done and I was ready for the long day ahead of me. I owe a great amount of thanks to "Sparkling Clean" for coming to my rescue. I have recommended them to friends and I will definitely use them again in the future. 

Thanks Sparkling Clean!!!
Mariana, North Vancouver BC

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